To See and Be Seen on Your Bike

They have surprised these two rechargeable lights for bike brand Dosun, for its discreet size, good finishes and great power. Neither knew the brand, but it is clear that there must be many more quality brands that we don’t sound anything Taiwan and that we do not test them up to do not exist for us.

To See and Be Seen on Your Bike

Headlight Dosun SF375 Speed is compact, size small flashlight (82 mm x 33 mm x 27 mm), and integrates a Li-ion, 1500 mAh battery, which is charging to 100% in 4 hours via a standard USB mini port (serves you your mobile charger or a conventional cable connected to the USB of your PC).

Headlight Dosun SF375 takes off and becomes a second bracket. Support itself also changes easily, without tools, with a lever type rotary wing. It is adjustable laterally.

The light emits it a single LED, 590 lumen, with two modes of intensity (high and low) and a third mode of flashing and autonomy varies between 1 hour to ceiling, 4.5 h in low-intensity and 9 hours in flashing. The “low” mode gives more than light enough so you can see well in an area without illuminating, completely in the dark, although their focus is more than light “so that you can see” in urban areas. The removable closing is also a good argument, with a wing nut that you can turn without tools to put it in a thin handlebar (25.4 mm or) or thick (31.8 mm) and also the light can be directed from own support, laterally. Its recommended price is €56.90.

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The taillight Dosun is adjustable, can be horizontal, as in this image, or the leds in vertical beam, which is more adapted and hidden behind the seat post.

So see you from behind, a good companion is Dosun LR260 line-up, with rechargeable battery also, although in this case lithium polymer (Li-Po), 580 mah. It can operate at high intensity (2 h), low mode (6 h) and flashing (6 h) and in just 2.5 hours is charged at the top.

It also removes and pon, with which is very convenient to switch from bike to bike or to carry in Backpack and put it on the only bike when we make is missing. We like that you can orient horizontally (as in the Studio photo, above) or vertical (pictured on the bike, just above) and above all we like it well that is its light, clearly from more than 100 meters. Your price €38,90 is.

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