The Best Lights for a Mountain Bike

Today we will create a post a little longer than normal so that when buying the lights of your bike, whether mountain or road choose the one that best suits your needs and that your focus for Mtb suits your real needs.

The Best Lights for a Mountain Bike

What light do I need for my bike? 

First you must focus on knowing what you really need, the necessary light is very important at all times since it is not the same around the city where we need to be seen, and sometimes very exceptional lighting (trips through parks or poorly lit areas ) That circulate in the field, in this case we need a light for a powerful bicycle, since we must have an illumination that allows us to see perfectly all the obstacles that are put before us, and that of course, suits our sports practice, not It will be the same a light for a ride bike for our mother, that for our btt of descent, so before we buy we must know what light power we need, since if we stay short in power, our purchase will be useless.

How do I know how much power I need? 

For a bicycle that circulates in the city, any spotlight can perform the role, to be seen, we must always have a red rear light and a white front light, we can also opt for detachable lights if we have several bikes or risk of being robbed,
In Change for a mtb if we are going to have to estimate before buying the light we are going to need, for this we must know the lighting measures, these are l ux and lumen  Lux measures the total amount of light of the focus (how bright the We see) and Lumen measures the density of light that we perceive.

Bicycle Tail Light
Now you are the one who must choose the right light for your btt , depending on the activity you do in the open air you will have to buy a more powerful light because if not, you will not be able to do your favorite activity,

Remember that if you are looking for any light of quality you can find it in our selection of stores , as you can see the capture of one of them.