Natural Shine Powerful Lights for Your Bike

Who has not tried it, can’t imagine how much fun that is doing a night route with the darkness of the night and the help of the focal points of your bike. It is true that you cannot go so fast, and you take more to react to obstacles that you can find on the road, but with a bit of prudence and a few good sources, any path can be turned into a fun adventure.

Natural Shine Powerful Lights for Your Bike

In my night routes used to run several low-powered headlights and helmet lights for bike, but always he complained of the little light that gave, and the problem of having to change batteries almost on each route. We have done night routes from Madrid to Segovia (2)Cercedilla Fuenfria port, from Cercedilla to the Bola del Mundo, even from Madrid to the Bola del Mundo. We have also made many in which we have had to use the lights in part of the way, as the route from Avila to Madrid. In all of them I have “managed” with my linternitas, while some of my colleagues had powerful spotlights that illuminated the road and looked like it was made of day in front of your bike.

Taking advantage of a few days ago it was my birthday, my kids gave me a light bulb for the bike that I was surprised by its small size, low weight, and powerful. It is of the Half Egg 1000 NG peak Natural Shine brand.

The first thing that struck me was its small size and little weight. “This looks like toy” I said. As it was night, I rode at a time on the handlebars of the bike, and went out into the street to prove it. What a pleasant surprise I took, because to turn it on is it made day! 

I thought to write an article about this focus and tell you my impressions, but ask more information from Natural Shine, they offered me to try other models to compare between them and our readers are better informed.

Natural Shine is a registered trademark of Bii Wheel Holding S.L., a Spanish company specialized in the design, manufacture and distribution of sports equipment. Looking for on your website can see that it has a wide range of lights in your catalog, intended for all kinds of sports: scuba diving, caving, biking or running.

Intended for cycling are 9 models: 300 Nano, 500 Mini NG, 1000 NG Trail, 1000 NG peak, NG1 900, 900 NG2, 1500 NG3, 2000 NG4, NG5 5000. As a guide, the first number of each one tells us its power in lumens, ranging from the 300 lumens of the Nano to the 5000 of the powerful Ng5. But the power is not everything in a spotlight, also are other factors such as the angle of lighting, size, weight, autonomy and reliability… or the price.

Headlights for Bike

From Natural Shine have sent me 5 bulbs to try them: 500 Mini NG1000 NG peak,900 NG11500 NG3, and 5000 NG5. We have already started to “roll” with these bulbs, as we have done some way night, and in the next few days I will write an article with the characteristics of each of them and my personal impression after having them tested.

• Natural Shine Half Egg 500 Mini NG
• Natural Shine Half Egg 1000 NG peak
• Natural Shine Half Egg 900 NG 1
• Natural Shine Half Egg 1500 NG 3
• Natural Shine Half Egg 5000 5 NG

I take this article to thank Natural Shine the providing us these bulbs to test them, and can thus better inform our readers.