How to Become a Cyclist

How to Become a Cyclist

As a relaxing hobby good for health, bicycling enjoys popularity. Whoever you are, you can build up experience of being a cyclist. Pay attention to your safety as well as others, which requires the suitable gear.

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Firstly, however far your destination is, you must wear a bike helmet. It’s good to see that cycling without bike helmets is prohibited by law in countries like Australia. To protect yourself, choose fashionable helmet easy to carry from a bike store for around $40 instead of a big-box or department store.

Secondly, make yourself visible by wearing bright clothing in the day time and turning on lights and reflectors at night.

Thirdly, show the gesture of turning to other drivers, especially in the rush hour.

Fourth, in the beginning, use low gears and try to pedal as quick as possible. Move quickly with the impetus generated by pedaling in a circular movement at least 60-80 revolutions per minute, which is beneficial to the buildup of good form and health of your knees, as well as the promotion of a great cardiovascular workout.

Fifth, practice makes perfect, never give up. It takes several times per week to be adjusted to riding, then you can get a good command of it.

Sixth, ride a bike to work on a regular basis in commuting.

Seventh, participate in local cyclist group or association.

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