How to Attach Lights to Bike

Easy and Inexpensive Solutions or Low Cost Chapucillas That Work Well

We are already used to that, for whatever you need, we have to go running to the store. And if we talk about low cost, as a store of stuff cheap or a Chinese. Thus today not. This is low-cost, but low of truth, that is, not to spend a single euro.

How to Attach Lights to Bike

In this case there is some trap, because in reality, everything needed had it already in house but it should be clear that it must not stop by the store for everything. Often happens that exactly for what you need, they do not sell you anything. Use your imagination and look for something to hand that can solve it you. If you manage to transform waste into something that will actually be useful you’ve taken an important step. I don’t know if the medium environment or for global sustainability, but yes to cover this need and pasito a go all advancing.

I wanted a good bike lights, to make jackets at night rutillas. I love that was trying Antonio de Natural Shine, but passage of spending between 85 and €249 in some lights. That’s what cost me my entire urban bike! In addition, it had some quite majas linternillas led not used for anything. So all they needed was to hold these lanterns. If I look for in a store, what I ask? something to hold a linteras?.

The obvious solution had it in the Toolbox of the bike: a used camera.

It’s a sufficiently resistant rubber so I cut some strips of about 2 cm wide and 70 cm in length. Then I gave him several times to the rubber around the handlebar and headlight and there it remains. It has not moved in a lot of routes and without any problem. Focuses on exactly where should.

Bicycle Headlight
The small catch is how to attach the rubber. It’s only the rubber will hold, you do not need anything more and you can be sure that, by busy having, do not release.

It can be of the following form:

  • Tie a knot in each end
  • From one end, give a give one or two turns on the handlebar with a bit of tension bar and take advantage of the knot so that the end to not leak under the last lap.
  • Hold the flashlight (or whatever) to the handlebar by eight between one and the other by pulling the rubber with a light tension
  • When there are few cm of tape, finishing with two turns to the handlebar, passing the end through knot under these turns

To complete the theme, as well as the flashlight to the handlebar, it had two other smaller. Great for the town. The solution is exactly the same, a rubber Strip and a few turns through the ventilation holes.

The town, several lights, some subject to the handlebars and some have let see quite well in field and adjust the amount of light down the street.

With this chapucilla, sacrifice aesthetics, but it works wonderfully. I even have some another proposal, if you are interested. Although I am sure that you have ideas low cost most useful, cheaper and, above all, more elegant.