Dim-Witted Cyclists

Or how to always pass the buck to others

An old joke: Jaimito (already entered in years) at full blast by the highway and listening on the radio that this way has been detected the presence of a suicide driver circulating in the opposite direction, va. Louie, all altered, shouts: but what? A suicidal driver? do only one?… but are hundreds!

Dim-Witted Cyclists

Not, it would be unreasonable compare the confusion of this mature Jaimito which suffers from the vast majority of bikers who swarm by Madrid. While they will jump red traffic lights and zebra crossings, make zigzag between cars, or climb to the curb at full speed, these cicleatones are convinced that motorized traffic is their enemy and that there is a murderer waiting for the moment of flinging them behind the wheel of each vehicle. Think the crazy fools are the others.

Surely the origin of this little civilized form of circular is the fear of road traffic or any bad experience to the handlebar, but who has not taken any time a scare because of an irresponsible driver at the wheel?, or who have not you ever the mother of all pirulas?. All have passed therefore, cyclists and non-cyclists, and if not ask anyone to pass hours and hours driving a cab, a van of cast or a city bus; However, this has not caused drivers to switch to the dark side and begins to jump traffic lights and moving at full speed along the sidewalks, right?.
This antisocial behavior is defended by many, and we could also entangle us in the eternal debate of the weakness of the rider in front of other vehicles and the reasons that would justify this misnamed defensive driving, but it has no explanation is the number of cyclists who suffer doubly this absence of lights: there is no trace of them in his cerebral neocortex or machine that they ride. We can find them after sunset by any main artery of the city, circulating without red rear light or white front light – compulsory and indispensable-, often by rail Bus-Taxi – motorcycles, like ghostly apparitions, racking up points to make more soon take your bike colors in an absurd white bike tied to a fence funeral tribute : here died a brainless.

Bike Front Light
Another cyclist asalvajado model is one that weekend is lined Lycra to the ears and to full speed is dedicated to scare pedestrians and other cyclists who calmly enjoy the green ring or Madrid River. Do not lack them detail: helmet, mesh, supersonic gafones, water backpack and two cans of reservation (not likely to die dried on his feat for Madrid desert). Back home they maintain their frenzied pace along the sidewalks while they miss the pests of motorists. Fools continue to be the other, others…
There are more examples, many more absurd behaviors: circulating on the sidewalk on an electric bike, which also on the sidewalk have dared to ring the doorbell to pedestrians so that – what a coincidence, save it, also through the sidewalk – wear reflective vest, helmet and protections to deal with who knows what kind of war feat.

The sad fact is that, whether by fear, ignorance, or due to the lack of information and education, more than 90 per cent of urban cyclists breaches systematically each of driving rules. So much so that, on the rare occasions in that another cyclist stops beside me because there is a traffic light in red, they begin to drop me a few tears as pears of pure emotion, and I have no tears a few months still riding on a daily basis.
On the contrary, and fortunately, I can assure that somewhat per cent similar or greater which lead to engine meet each of these standards and, moreover, respectful of the cyclist. Who are, therefore, the dangerous?. Ladies and gentlemen, all users of public roads: let us see the speck in someone else’s eye and give example with our attitude. It must be removed to the road bikes, motor vehicles have to share this space and pedestrians to travel freely and without fear on the sidewalks. Circular bike for Madrid is more a pleasure than a reckless activity, but for that have to overcome the joyous fear.
Perhaps many should consider that move by bike is not mandatory, but if we do we must observe traffic regulations. It is a simple matter of respect and coexistence and, in addition, the red light always come phenomenal to retake breath and enjoy the cityscape.