Comparative Lighted CatEye Bike Lighting

If for reasons of working hours or any other circumstance that prevents you to your excursions with light nature, there is no reason to worry, there is an alternative to the “normal” output, called night out. Obviously the first thing we will need is a good lighting system that will allow you to see and also how you see not, the rest of life vehicles. You’ll always have the option of the spinnint or any other indoor exercise, however with this comparative lighted CatEye bike lighting that I will present, no longer necessary to use interior options without before exploring the fascinating options of cycling in the countryside.

Comparative Lighted CatEye Bike Lighting

As all system that is worthy of the name, we will have to choose so much front light (by law this should be white light that does not dazzle) as for the rear light, which can be fixed or intermittent and always red. We can choose two types of fixation, either on the handlebar, or the helmet for headlight. Virtually all of certain range lighting systems are fixing systems that allows you to set the focus both handlebar above the town. Inside the helmet, you can choose between carry helmet light at the top and on the side. All carry the lighting system by LED’s, a technology that provides you with great performance and a very low battery consumption. Some of the most advanced systems are able to put the lighting front in intermittent mode, others can also adjust the power of the Jet of light in order to be able to configure both light intensity, as well as the duration of the batteries.

Advantages of LED lighting

LED lighting technology is as old as Silicon semiconductor electronics. Nowadays we can adapt LED technology to almost all existing lighting systems. Thanks to its small size, its great capacity to generate light and the variety of colors that allows us to play; Therefore, that are becoming more used devices with this technology. Then the main advantages of the devices with LEDs LEDs: 1. life superior to other systems of low consumption. The average life of a led stands at around 45,000 hours, instead of 2000 hours that can ofreos cer a standard bulb. 2. higher energy efficiency. These devices consume between 80-90% less electricity. 3. low maintenance. The long life of LED products avoided having to be doing frequent maintenance. 4. greener. bLas traditional incandescent bulbs contain tungsten and fluorescent mercury, a highly toxic ambproductos. They LED are recyclable and comply with the RoHS directive of polluting substances. 5. emits little heat. Unlike traditional bulbs do not emit heat which avoids energy waste and allows its use in small places where that heat may be harmful.

LED Bicycle Lights

Below is a comparison of luminaires for CatEye Volt bike.

The price of the LED light with respect to the traditional lighting is what a priori can make us opt for continue as we are but creed, is worth. Below I present a selection and comparison of LED lighting of the CatEye brand, all systems a reference point in lighting for our bike. To veer the price leave the pointer on the images or the link; to buy in the store click on them.