Christmas Gifts for Bicyclists

Come Christmas and with it the problem of always what to give?

Christmas Gifts for Bicyclists

Sometimes it seems that the person you want to give it has everything, don’t let him lack nothing. But we’re not talking about anyone, we are talking about cyclists, and the riders always makes us lack any accessory or add-on. Always.

Then we propose you a list of items that you will not fail:

1 slippers

There is only one thing more happy with a child with new shoes, a cyclist which premiered slippers at new year.

They cycling shoes are a very important part and that receives heavy wear, and even those that have are well is never more have a spare in case it comes we have to leave several days in rainy season.

It should be differentiated between shoes MTB (mountain bike) and slippers of road (road bike – racing). MTB shoes carry a Cove (the part that attaches to the pedal) smaller and an outsole for grip on loose grounds. While the road bike shoes have a wide Cove and smooth outsole.

On the left a road, in the Centre and on the right shoe two shoes MTB

2 lights

It may seem that lights is more typical of children’s bicycles, when in summer we went at night to spin.

Quite the opposite, in bicycle lights are a vital security element, they reduce the risk of accidents to less than half, they are also mandatory when driving with low light in urban and interurban roads. The standard brand that should be a red rear light and a white front light.

Another aspect to consider is that mountain bikers are likely to go out at night in the paths, is something very fun but that requires a few lights on the front, in addition to warn of their presence, they lit on the road to follow, so should be powerful enough.

A good front focus is vital for night outs with MTB

White Front Light

3 thermal clothing

Especially at this time, it is essential to have a closet with cycling clothing for all kinds of conditions.

When we go out on bike climatic conditions may vary from one moment to another, so it is important to have layers cyclist to place or remove as needed.

It is important to have a diverse enough wardrobe

The garments that we recommend are:

  • Gloves: Essential in winter, there are of different thicknesses, both wind and water resistant
  • Sleeves: They are pieces of elastic fabric used to cover arms, are very suitable for removing and refitting according to temperature
  • Leg: The same as the seals but for legs, is thermal socks that protect from the cold
  • Wind: With sleeves or without sleeves, they are a piece of indispensable for covered on descents or cold wind gusts
  • Socks: A classic Christmas, very important because your feet suffer much cold on the bike
  • Boot covers: Comes a point that socks do not protect enough, the neoprene overboots will help keep your feet warm in the rain or extreme cold

4 helmets

What better way to tell someone that you care about it that give a helmet?

It is clear that the main function of the helmet is protection, without any doubt, but cyclists are the pretty sea and we love that clothes us combined with supplements and even the color of the bike.

If you think that a helmet is the right may gift it be a good idea to keep an eye on the clothing that has to look at combining him. In the same way, although already use one cyclists usually have several sets of Jersey and bib, with what a helmet for each set is not a bad idea.

Hull road and MTB helmet

When choosing a helmet, there is a subtle difference between the helmets of MTB and road helmets. Mountain bike helmets tend to wear a visor to protect the branches, while the road no. There are also helmet models that carry the hood but it can be removed with what are more versatile.

5 rolls

A roller is an element that helps us to ride the bike over and to train indoors. Basically allows to convert our road bike or MTB bike bicycle.

Rollers are very important to those cyclists who take preparation seriously, because there are days when rain, snow, cold or lack of time not allowed to leave training.

Roll allows you to train while other things are made

The variety of rolls is very large, there are different types according to the technology used. To investigate more on the topic I recommend you to read this article which we elaborate on the different types of bicycle roller that exist.

6 cycling sunglasses

Sunglasses are an indispensable accessory for every rider, which allows you to have a better visibility of the road and also protects you the eyes of the air.

There are a variety of models for every “Biker” can take your goggles according to their style and clothing.

The features that we have to take into account when choosing glasses are:

  • Lens photochromic: They are special lenses to behave as he receives the Sun’s UV rays. I.e., if for example a day with plenty of sunshine, lenses darken while that on the contrary, if it is cloudy and there is no too much sun, these are clarified.
  • Design: There are brands with more modern designs in the market (with mirror glass, design very sporty…) and others with more discrete models. It is best to choose them according to your taste and style.

7 GPS for bike

And finally, the gadget that all cyclists want to have when they go to shoot, the GPS. Add technology to your routes helps you guide you and at the same time monitors your activity (distance traveled, speed…), with which you can buy your upgrades every week and thus keep track of your goals.

And you… what would you like you gave?