Choose Cycling Lights Correctly

Choosing lights for bikes that are best suited to our needs is not always an easy task

The lights for bicycles they have gradually become an indispensable accessory for those riders that night does not prevent them to train. However, it is not just an element that provides visibility for the rider, but also for other vehicles and people passing through roads and highways.

Choose Cycling Lights Correctly

It is a fact that has happened at some point to all and which can be solved by acquiring a light that adapts to the needs of each output. By them in know to decide We will explore the different lights for bike.

Front bike lights

If we want to leave such a mountain bike from front lights they are the most suitable. They allow us to have a global vision of the environment, since the light bulb will point in the same direction as our gaze. In turn, this can be complemented with a fixed light of handlebars that will provide a higher light density, although on this occasion the same address will be governed by our handlebar turning angle. Also, worth mentioning, that there are two types of fronts: those who carry trailers a battery in the front of the head adjustment strap, and; those who work with conventional batteries. The latter, despite having a lower density of light, provide greater comfort for the rider, since which do not add to the hull an additional weight, thus avoiding discomfort in the neck area and cervical.

Front Bike Lights

Light bicycle handlebar

Handlebar lights are the most popular in terms of use and performance. If we want to have a high light output, fixed lights attached to the handlebars are the most recommended to get rid of any shock on the trails more extreme. For this category of bike lights, there are two major groups: the lamps used to be seen in urban environments or roads with low lighting, and; the light bulbs used to see, with greater or lesser intensity, in any environment.

Bicycle Handlebar Light

Rear bike lights

If we are going to roll partial or fully on the road our trips by bike, it is essential to carry a back light for Red bike and preferably flashing, since we must be seen by vehicles travelling on the road. Currently, we find in the market tail light for bicycle high light intensity that can be used at any time of the day to be seen by those less awake drivers at the wheel.

Rear Bike Lights

What to consider when choosing lights for bikes correctly?

Choose correctly a bicycle lights lights for bicycles We will have to consider various aspects, such as the duration of the battery, the robustness, or light output. Nothing you will serve us to carry a front with a high light output if half of our departure we were in the dark. That is why, there are considered, as well as the power of the light, how long will last the battery duration of our training. For its part, the robustness is another important aspect that must be considered, since a feeble light can not resist the strong vibrations to which they are subjected our bikes in the craziest outputs. However, we must not forget that the most important element of the lights for bicycles It is the light, measured performance of Luxs (or total amount of light) and Lumens (or density of light seen through our own eyes).

Now no longer have an excuse to not train at night when there is no Moon full to illuminate you senderemos them. The lights for bicycles they will give new light to your workouts so that never stop pedaling.