10 Tips for Night Cycling

Night is not exactly an ally of the rider, if from if we are unprotected and defenseless in full light of day, of night this danger is multiplied to infinity.

10 Tips for Night Cycling

Now spring/summer days are long can use to extend our excursions to overnight but it should be elements that help us and we protect when night falls. Apart from that visibility is reduced, if we do not see, nobody will repair in us and things are very differently when he goes in a car than when going bike.

1. wear a reflective jacket, apart from being mandatory according to the highway code, we’ll see clearly. The bands are also very useful reflective backpack and pants, how many more reflective bring better.

2. front light and rear light. intermittent Flash, if it is with many better better than leds and front light with flash and LED light, the flash will serve to make us see and focus to illuminate in certain circumstances. Always make sure charged batteries take.

Bike Rear Light

3. light in town, both front and rear, the front light up towards where we look, improving our vision, the rear going high to improve the way in which others see us.

4. circular always through known terrain , not to explore new routes with low light as we can get an unpleasant surprise.

5. on Highway and city, Circular by the right lane avoiding sudden movements and changes of direction without being sure that we have seen.

6. avoid areas of low light as roads without lighting , because even with all these measures in such sites hardly is us vera. If there is alternative way always choose it rather than the road (this will serve as the front LED spotlight)

7. never circulate without light or anything reflecting our life is at stake, for example the wheel light that is one of those things that first we remove all the bike, however is Basic for us see laterally.

Bicycle Wheel Lights

8. In the going out at night, avoid rolling to stop and tries togo with the maximum possible attention , the night is not made for the competition, never wear headphones with music.

9. glasses with transparent glass, can also use the yellow crystals that enhance the perception of light, increase the night vision and so important that we see is that we see.

10. act with extreme prudenci to, give way to vehicles and not to trust that we have seen since practice shows that it is not so and carry the reason we will avail nothing in case of accident because we are the party most weak and the body is our body.